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1 10 Barclay Street was shared with 2 other families, the Setin's and the Radley's
John Setin, head, married, age 58, clerk to a solicitor, born in the Strand Westminister.
Mary Ann Burt, daughter in law, age 34, born in Heligoland.
John W. Burt, grandson, age 9, scholar, born in St Martins Westminister.
Alice Burt, grandaughter, age 7, scholar, born in St Martins Westminister.
Susan Hovis, lodger, married, age 40, born in Lambeth Surrey.
Ann Radley, head, widow, age 59, nurse, born in Middlesex.
Elizabeth, Radley, daughter, single, age 22, dress maker, born in St Pancras Middlesex. 
Source (S76)
2 1881 Census listed a grandson age 2 by the name of William T. Lee, however, at this point, we do not know who his parents were. Family F7
3 28 Gifford Street is where Louisa Josephine Paull formerly Genesis died in 1882. Source (S82)
4 A birth certificate cannot be located despite searches by me (Alistair), Kathleen Deery (McCarthy) researching the Allison family or Scots Origins who Kathleen employed in case we missed the birth record during our searches.
In the 1861 and 1871 censuses he is given as born in Ireland, while 1881 he is listed as born in Paisley and then in 1891 and 1901 he shows up as born in Greenock.
My mother told me that the Allison's were tailor's by trade, so based on that information I believe he was born in Ireland as his parents indicated on the 1861 and 1871 censuses, on which his father is listed as a master tailor. This information from my mother is the only clue I have that this Donald Allison is my Great Grandfather, however without a birth certificate there is no conclusive evidence that he was James Allison's and Janet Moffat's natural son.
My wife(Karen) did some research on the Allison's and Moffat's in Ireland from 1848 to 1864 and found that the only counties in Ireland with both names together were Antrim and Belfast City. So is it possible they were visiting their families in N.Ireland when Donald was born?  
Allison, Donald (I254)
5 Agnes lived at 8 Hamilton Street and Hugh lived at 11 Cathcart Street only a few hundred yards apart. The two streets were seperated by Cathcart square. Cathcart Street connected Cathcart Square to the waterfront at the East Harbour. Family F76
6 Alistair Oliver-Paull, Kathleen McCarthy and Brian Thompson of Scots Roots have all researched Jeanie's birth and determined that her birth was not registered. This is strange as all her brothers & sisters births were registered; so why not Jeanie's? I (Alistair) have taken the stance based on a photograph of Jeanie and her sister Agnes that there is a strong family resemblance between Agnes and two of Jeanie's daughters. Based on this I believe that Jeanie was either the daughter of Donald & Helen Allison as the only documented evidence (1901 census) suggests or she was the child of Helen Allison their eldest daughter. My suspicious mind leads me to favour the second possibility as I have documented evidence of this occurring in another branch of the family and have seen it many times in my own lifetime. My thanks to Kathleen and Brian for their help. Allison, Jeanie (I22)
7 Also living at Grange House.
Thomas West, head, married, age 49, Barrister at Law, born in Northamptonshire.
Mary West, wife, age 37, born in Eltham Kent.
Henrietta M. West, daughter, age 9, scholar, born in Norwood Surrey.
Thomas T. West, son, age 7, scholar, born in Norwood Surrey.
Edward M. West, son, age 5, scholar, born in Chapel Allerton Yorkshire.
Lewis G. West, son, age 3, born in Moor Allerton Yorkshire.
Leonard West, son, age 1, born in Allerton Yorkshire.
Laura West, daughter, age 1 month, born in Allerton Yorkshire.
Caroline C. Oliff, servant, unmarried, age 26, cook, born in Wailety Germany.
Mary J. Frobisher, servant, unmarried, age 22, Nurse, born in Glasshoughton Yorkshire.
Catherine Flynn, servant, unmarried, age 22, housemaid, born in Langton Yorkshire.
Hannah Marsh, servant, married, age 44, Maternity Nurse, born at sea.

Source (S159)
8 Also staying at 15 Lynedock Street were:

John Connor 40
Ann MacPhail 54
Anne F MacPhail 18
Colin MacPhail 23
Robert MacPhail 21
Robert M MacPhail 58
James Moreland 24
Source (S201)
9 Although there is no evidence I (Alistair) suspect Helen was Jeanie Allison's mother. Allison, Helen (I264)
10 Ann worked for a family named Dicksie.
John R. Dicksie, head, married, age 44, Artist Painter, born in St. James Middlesex.
Mary A. Dicksie, wife, age 28, born in St. James Middlesex.
Amy A. Dicksie, daughter, age 4, born in Pancras Middlesex.
Barnard J. Dicksie, son, age 2, born in Pancras Middlesex.
Arthur H. Dicksie, son, age 8 months, born in Pancras Middlesex
Source (S148)
11 At his death Philip Paull was living on Cleveland Street which is where George Philip Paull had lived since his birth. Paull, Philip (I318)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Oliver-Paull, Anthony Michael (I4)
13 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Oliver-Paull, Philip David (I3)
14 Birth and Christening dates taken from St Marylebone Westminster Parish records. Paull, Henry (I325)
15 Birth and Christening dates taken from St Marylebone Westminster Parish records. Paull, Elizabeth Ann (I326)
16 Birth and Christening dates taken from the St Marylebone Westminster Parish records Paull, George Philip (I82)
17 Birth and Christening dates taken from the St Marylebone Westminster Parish records. Paull, Susanna Mary (I319)
18 Birth date for James Paull is a best guess. Paull, James (I355)
19 Birth day, month and place from the IGI database & Robyn who is researching the Parker & Ford families. Breillat, Joseph (I330)
20 Birth information provided by Barbara Barr nee Pollock. Pollock, John Drummond (I343)
21 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Flynn, Gertrude (I389)
22 Birth year is an estimate. Paul, James (I412)
23 Birth year is an estimate. Waite, Susannah (I413)
24 Birth year is an estimate. Millyard, Elizabeth (I418)
25 Burial date taken from the St Marylebone Westminster Parish records. Reed, Sarah Ann (I327)
26 Census page states that it is a list of all persons who slept or abode in this institution on the night of Sunday, March 31, 1901. Source (S13)
27 Cerebral Softening probably means stroke. McGowan, Helen Allison (I255)
28 Certificate has a Postage Revenue stamp on it with King George VI in the amount of 1D(1 Penny)
with a Port Glasgow ink stamp over it. 
Source (S6)
29 Certificate of Service No 66 from the Beira and Mashonaland railway in Rhodesia shows that William Paull held the position of Loco-Foreman Clerk Grade 3. He transferred to Stores Department on 23.07.1920. Last position was Clerk Grade 3. He resigned on 15.11.1923.
Information provided by William's grandaughter Bonnie Stevenson. 
Paull, William Oliver (James) (I14)
30 Christening and birth dates taken from St James Westminster Parish records. Reed, Sarah Ann (I327)
31 Clerks Croft Mental Deficiency Institution.  Source (S250)
32 Copy most likely acquired prior to joining Royal Marines as a drummer boy. Source (S3)
33 Daisy's birth is registered during 2Q1889. Brown, Daisy Beatrice (I305)
34 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F103
35 David did return to England in 1909. Source (S144)
36 David Pollock was First Engineer on the Chinese ship Kum Sang. He died in Hong Kong. Elizabeth Wylie was going to stay in China after David died, however Japan invaded China and she had to leave. Family F67
37 David was sent to Canada through Knowlton Distributing Home eventually being employed by John Byers in Douglas, Ontario. Source (S143)
38 Day and month of wedding provided by Pauline Ellis researching the Batchelor and Paull families. Family F27
39 Death information provided by Barbara Barr nee Pollock. Pollock, John Drummond (I343)
40 Edward was a music teacher at Ewell Castle Boys School, Ewell, Surrey. Information provided by Jean Growney. Paull, Edward Oliver (I13)
41 Edward was a musician in the 8th Hussars.  Paull, Edward Oliver (I13)
42 Edward worked as a music teacher in a school in Surrey after he left the army (where he'd been a bandsmaster) until he retired. He lived in a caravan, became very ill and not able to look after himself properly. He got frost bite one winter and had to have his feet amputated in the early 1970s and was taken into the Star and Garter home in Richmond, where he spent the remainder of his life. Information provided by Joan Wright (Edward's niece). Paull, Edward Oliver (I13)
43 Elizabeth Mary Bessant's birth was registered during 3Q1858. Bessant, Elizabeth Mary (I136)
44 Elizabeth McKinlay Pollock was possibly injured in a road accident. Information provided by Barbara Barr nee Pollock. Pollock Elizabeth McKinlay (I342)
45 Elizabeth Morris's death was registered during the 4Q1912. Morris, Elizabeth (I191)
46 Emily and her family shared 10 Caledonia Street with two other families.
Eliza Scott, head, married, age 52, born in Southgate Middlesex.
Gertrude Scott, daughter, single, age 18, Dressmaker, born in Southgate Middlesex.
George Scott, son, single, age 17, Carman General, born in Southgate Middlesex.
Marion Coker, head, married, age 42, born in West Smithfield London.
Nellie Searle, niece, age 14, Wigmaker, born in Hammersmith London. 
Source (S87)
47 For information on children such as David Oliver Paull who were sent to Canada visit: http://www3.telus.net/Home_Children_Canada/

For information about sheltering homes visit:
Paull, David Oliver (I9)
48 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brown, Frederick William (I304)
49 George Paull was a witness at the marriages of William Humphrey and Ann Hillier on 11th Dec 1795 also Daniel Dyer and Elizabeth Tapper on 29 May 1811 at St Pancras, Chichester, Sussex. Paul, George (I362)
50 Henry Oliver Paull was a shoemaker who married into a bootmaker's family, the Lee's, where he'd been an apprentice. He opened his own little business in Fulham on Broughten Road. However, during WW1 he was badly injured in the Battle of the Somme (mustard gas in his lungs). He lost his shop and went to work for a firm on the High Street in Kensington named Daniels and Neals making shoes for the royal family. He may have made shoes for the then princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. But WWII brought unemployment and a leather shortage so he went to work as a caretaker in the Savoy cinema in York road, Wandsworth, until he retired aged 70. He would give free entrance to his grandaughter Joan and her brother Dennis to watch the films. Information provided his grandaughter Joan Wright. Paull, Henry Oliver (I16)

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